Setting up and realizing training programs on :


  •     soil knowledge
  •     fruit tree and vine management in organic farming
  •     Tropical agro-ecology


Working with farmers, advisers, company staff and students in France and abroad.

Engineer schools :

    • IAM-CIHEAM (Bari, Italie) : soil fertility and water managment
    • ISARA (Lyon): vineyard soil diagnosis
    • ISTOM (Paris)



Many stone fruits producers organisations in the south of France : OP Le Mas Saint Paul, Nectar Fruits, Les vergers de Maubec, Lorifruit, Domaine Bayard, Top Soleil, …

Network of organic market gardeners and tree growers  Pro Natura

Farmers organizations involved in organic farming in France :  CETA Bio 13, Civam Bio Corse, Civam Agro bio (04 – 06 – 13- 83 – 84), FAB PACA (84) ; and abroad  : Agrobio (Portugal), WVL (Lebanon) and others associations.

Professional agricultural training centres in south of France :CFPPA Carpentras, CFA Perpignan et CFPPA Die.

 Development institutional organisations in France : “Chambres d’agriculture » (74 – 84 – 83 – 26 et 13), FDCIVAM (13), ADEAR (13)

 Fruits producers’ organisations: south of France, Corsica, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand

 Experimentation centres: CTIFL Balandran and La Pugère – France

Seeds production societies:  Gautier, Enza zaden, Syngenta, Rijkzwaan



ISARA training VITI-VINI october 2014 -Domaine du Moulin-à-Vent