The technical challenge has been met:

  • to restructure and maintain these vines aged 24 to 60 years and make them express the best through fresh and processed products;
  • restore soil fertility without mineral and organic inputs;
  • controlling the protection of the vineyard with few products and passages to treat; gradually eliminate the Esca by changing the management (pruning) of the vine.

The energy and environmental balance was very good with Planète in 2009, it was renewed for 2012 with Dia’terre.

People are at the heart of the company , with training and maintenance of the employment of people regularly present in the company, for pruning, maintaining the vines and harvesting.

I personally participate in all the work, in particular the soil work and the treatments.

The economic equilibrium is in the process of being reached, thanks to the new plantation.




(Diagnosis carried out with the Planet tool in 2009)

The Domaine’s energy efficiency is 0.66 EQF / ha (fuel oil equivalent) lower than that of comparable farms (0.86 EQF / ha)

CO2 is the only greenhouse gas released 0.9 tCO2 equivalent / ha. The general heating capacity (GWP) remains lower than that of the reference group, which is 5.2 eqtCO2 / ha.